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Java Garbage Collector

Introduction to  Java Garbage Collector In this post, we will explore what is Java Garbage Collector, How Java Garbage Collector Work? We will also cover what are the different Garbage collector available in Java and what are the new enhancement/improvement available in Java 8. This post covers basic of the Java Garbage Collector API and does not […]

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Java NIO Selector

Java NIO Selector In this post, we will explore feature and the basic understanding of Java NIO Selector API. The selector is an NIO component with an ability to monitor or examine multiple channels and determines which is ready for the IO operation (read or write). One of the benefits of this is to use single […]

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Java Directory Size

Java Directory Size In this post, we will learn how to get the Java directory size or size of a folder in Java using Java 7, Java 8 and Apache Commons API.   1.  Get Size Using Java 7 We will be using Files.walkFileTree() method to recursively transverse through the files/directory to calculate the size. public […]

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Java Weekly Newsletter 1

Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 1 Hello and welcome to the very first  Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 1.    1.  Blog Posts In case you have missed any of my posts, here is the list of articles we published this week. Introduction to Java 9 REPL and JShell Introduction to Java 8 Optional API   2. Spring […]

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Java 9 REPL

Introduction to Java 9 REPL In this post, we will explore Java 9 REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) feature or shortly called as JShell. Many modern languages provide a tool (Mostly called as REPL or scripting tool) for real-time statement interpretation. One benefit of such a tool is that you can easily test your code without creating a complete […]

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