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Configuring MySQL for Spring Boot Application

A step by step guide to configure MySQL for Spring Boot application. Learn how to override default datasource configurations provided by Spring Boot to use MySQL as the underlying database.

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Guide to Spring Boot Thymeleaf

A quick guide to Thymeleaf setup for your Spring Boot application.Learn Spring Boot Thymeleaf configurations and how to customize the Thymeleaf behavior.

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Building a Spring Boot application using IntelliJ IDEA

A step by step guide to building a Spring Boot application using IntelliJ IDEA.Learn how to build and run Spring Boot application using IntelliJ.

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Spring Boot Application as a Service

Guide to running a Spring Boot applications as a service.Learn how to run Spring Boot services on both Linux and Window system.

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Custom Endpoint in Spring Boot Actuator

A guide to creating a custom endpoint in Spring Boot Actuator.Learn how to create custom endpoints in Spring Boot 1.x and 2.x.

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