Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 16

Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 16

Hello and welcome to the  Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 16.


1.  Blog Posts

In case you have missed any of my posts, here is the list of articles we published this week.

  1. Guide to Java Profilers
  2. REST Resource Naming Guide
  3. Custom Scope in Spring
  4. Spring Interview Questions


2. Spring & Java Community

  1. Building a Reactive RESTful Web Service
  2. APIs To Be Removed from Java 10
  3. Spring 5 and Servlet 4 – The PushBuilder
  4. Stack Overflow adds developer IQ scores to profiles
  5. Top 6 online Java compilers for beginners
  6. Designing, Implementing, and Using Reactive APIs
  7. The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Cloud
  8. Reactive Streams in Java 9


3. JPA / Persistence

I do not work very closely in JPA or Hibernate but following few of the blogs for some of the interesting insight into Persistence 

  1. Using Hibernate and Spring to Build Multi-Tenant Java Apps
  2. Spring Boot: Controlling timezones with Hibernate


4. Spring and Java Releases

  1. Spring Framework 5.0.4 available now
  2. Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.M1 and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 1.0.0.M1


5. Presentations and Videos

  1. Building your own language on the JVM with Ted Neward
  2. G1 Garbage Collector Details and Tuning by Simone Bordet


We will be back with our next weekly newsletter with some more insight details about Java and Spring community.

Happy coding and Have a great day !!!!


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