Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 19

Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 19

Hello and welcome to the Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 19.


1.  Blog Posts

In case you have missed any of my posts, here is the list of articles we published this week.

    1. Spring Boot Interview Questions
    2. Introduction to REST Content Negotiation
    3. Spring MVC Content Negotiation


2. Spring & Java Community

  1. Testing auto-configurations with Spring Boot 2.0
  2. Using Spring Security 5 to integrate with OAuth 2-secured services such as Facebook and GitHub
  3. Java EE Becomes Jakarta EE
  4. Simon Maple on Java: Modules to microservices
  5. If You’re Planning to Write Java Code in 2020 – Here Are the Top 5 Predictions You Can’t Afford to Miss
  6. A Breakdown of the New SAML Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
  7. What’s new in the Spring Boot 2.0 builder for Java apps
  8. Parallel Full GC for G1


3. JPA / Persistence

I do not work very closely in JPA or Hibernate but following few of the blogs for some of the interesting insight into Persistence 

  1. How to customize the Jackson ObjectMapper used by Hibernate-Types
  2. How to get the actual execution plan for an Oracle SQL query using Hibernate query hints


4. Spring and Java Releases

  1. Spring Boot 2.0 goes GA
  2. Spring Batch 3.0.9.RELEASE
  3. Hibernate Validator 6.0.8.Final released


5. Presentations and Videos

  1. Spring Integration 5.0: What’s New?
  2. Spring Tips: Circuit Breakers


We will be back with our next weekly newsletter with some more insight details about Java and Spring community.

Happy coding and Have a great day !!!!


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