Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 6

Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 6

Hello and welcome to the  Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 6.


1.  Blog Posts

In case you have missed any of my posts, here is the list of articles we published this week.

  1. Introduction to Java 8 Streams
  2. Spring Framework Annotations
  3. Introduction to Spring Boot Logging
  4. Using Math.pow in Java
  5. Initializing Arrays in Java


2. Spring & Java Community

  1. Jenkins vs Travis CI vs Circle CI vs TeamCity vs Codeship vs GitLab CI vs Bamboo
  2. ZGC – Oracle’s Large-Heap Garbage Collector
  3. Interesting article on Pillars of a Successful Java Web Application
  4. Constructors or Static Factory Methods?
  5. Curious about Project Valhalla
  6. Project Loom
  7. Weak Soft and Phantom references in Java and why they matter


3. JPA / Persistence

I do not work very closely in JPA or Hibernate but following few of the blogs for some of the interesting insight into Persistence 

  1. 5 Things You Need to Know When Using Hibernate with Mysql

4. Spring and Java Releases

  1. Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst.M3 /2.0.0.M3
  2. Spring Session Data Geode/GemFire 2.0.0.RC1

5. Presentations and Videos

  1. Spring Tips: the Spring Boot Build Plugin
  2. Spring Framework 5: Hidden Gems by Juergen Hoeller
  3. Spring Boot 2 0 Web Applications


We will be back with our next weekly newsletter with some more insight details about Java and Spring community.

Happy Coding !!!!


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