Best books for Spring Boot

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications you can “just” run. In this post, we will look at some of the best books for Spring Boot.


1. Spring Boot Documentation

We know spring framework for its quality documentation and Spring Boot is not an exception in this series. I believe this is the best resource available for the Spring Boot. Spring Boot documentation covers the basic and advance concepts in great details. Their documentation cover other Spring projects along with their integration with Spring Boot. If you are starting with Spring Boot, I will highly recommend the Spring Boot documentation.


2. Spring Boot in Action

We know Manning publication for their “In Action” book series and Spring Boot in Action is not an exception in this. If you want to buy a Spring Boot book, this is the best book available to start your journey. Written by Craig Walls, this book covers all topics of Spring Boot which includes

  1. Why Spring Boot
  2. Spring Boot Auto Configuration
  3. Dependency management
  4. Actuators
  5. Deploying your Spring Boot Application
  6. CLI

Spring Boot in Action


2. Learning Spring Boot 2.0

This is another good book on Spring Boot. This book is written by Greg who is also part of the Pivotal (company behind Spring Boot).This book not only covers the basics but provides a great understanding to the advance topics like micro-services and web-sockets. Authors has covered following topics to a great extend:

  1. Basics of Spring Boot
  2. How some core Spring Boot components works (e.g. @SpringBootApplication annotation and what it does).
  3. Testing your Spring Boot application.
  4. Micro services and Spring Boot.
  5. Production deployment.
  6. Security

Learning Spring Boot 2.0


3. Spring Boot 2.0 Cookbook

This is a new entry to the Spring Boot books. I will not recommend this as your starting book but if you are familiar with Spring Boot, this is a good reference point. This book covers all main topics of Spring Boot but differently.Author will guide you through some main concepts of Spring Boot with some real life use cases. It covers provides information about the common configuration and setup along with the information about how does these configurations works together.

This book will help you learn efficient Spring Boot development techniques to make the existing development more efficient.

Spring Boot 2.0 Cookbook


4. Mastering Spring Boot 2.0

Another entry to the Spring Boot books collection. Books starts with Spring Boot basis like auto-configuration, starter dependencies, Actuator, Spring Boot CLI, etc and dive in to advance topics custom auto configurations. Author has also covered the micro services using Spring Boot.

Mastering Spring Boot 2.0



In this post, we discussed some of the best books for Spring Boot. I hope these books will give you a good beginning your Spring Boot journey. If you are looking for some additional resource on Sring Boot, I will recommend exploring our Spring Boot tutorials