Java and Spring Interview Questions

Java and Spring Interview Interview Questions

Have a planned Java or Spring interview in the coming days? We have complied a list of the Java and Spring questions that may come up in your next job interview.This list contains questions for beginners and experienced developers.This will work and a quick refresher for you.I will recommend the following approach to prepare for your technical interview.


  • Start from Java core.
  • Move to the core Spring framework interview questions.

Spring Core Interview Q/A

Total: 30+ Questions

A quick discussion of the common Spring Interview Questions that might come up during a job interview. 

Spring Boot Interview Q/A

Total: 30+ Questions


Guide to the Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers for your next interview.

Spring MVC Interview Q/A

Total: 20+ Questions

A quick discussion of the common Spring MVC Interview Questions.

Java Core Interview Q/A

Total: 15+ Questions

A quick guide to the most frequently asked Java interview questions.

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