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REST Resource Naming Guide

Quick and practical guide for REST Resource Naming.Learn what are the recommendations for building and naming your RESTful URI.

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Custom Scope in Spring

A quick guide to implementing a Custom Scope in Spring.Learn how to create, register and use a custom scope in a Spring application.

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Spring REST API Validation

A quick guide to Validating REST API using Spring. Learn how to validate REST Data using JSR 303 Bean validation or with custom validator.

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REST Web Services Bascis

Basics of REST with Spring In the previous post, we learned to build REST API using Spring Boot. Let’s discuss some of the Basics of REST with Spring. We will be covering following topics. Shopping Cart Project: We will use Shopizer API for this. Application Startup, Build and Deployment. Project Configurations.     1. Shopping Cart […]

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Spring Singleton vs Singleton Pattern

Learn the difference between Spring Singleton vs Singleton Pattern.A singleton bean in Spring and the singleton pattern are quite different.

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