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Java Stream Reduce Tutorial

Learn the key concepts of the Stream.reduce() operation in Java. How to use Java stream reduce method to process sequential and parallel streams.

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Multi-Module Project With Spring Boot

Learn how to use multi-module project with Spring Boot. A quick guide to set up your spring boot multi module projects for your next project.

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Guide to the Java ExecutorService

An introduction to the Java ExecutorService framework. A step-by-step guide to the ExecutorService framework to execute the tasks in asynchronous mode.

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Spring Boot OAuth2 | Securing REST API

Complete guide to configure and enable Oauth2 with Spring Boot. Learn how to build an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server with Spring Boot and Spring Security.

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Java 8 Streams peek() Method

A quick introduction to the Java 8 Streams peek() method. Learn how to use the peek method to debug and visualizing how stream operations behave.

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