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Spring Boot OAuth2 | Securing REST API

Complete guide to configure and enable Oauth2 with Spring Boot. Learn how to build an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server with Spring Boot and Spring Security.

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Java 8 Streams peek() Method

A quick introduction to the Java 8 Streams peek() method. Learn how to use the peek method to debug and visualizing how stream operations behave.

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Spring Boot Dependency Management with a Custom Parent

Lean how to use Spring Boot Dependency Management with a Custom Parent. Learn the various benefits of using the Spring Boot starter parent and the options to keep these benefits while using a custom parent pom

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Best books for Spring Boot

Starting your Spring Boot journey? Get the list for some of the best books for Spring Boot. Start your Spring Boot journey with these great books.

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Configuring a Main Class in Spring Boot

How to configuring a main class in Spring Boot. What are the options to tell Spring Boot which is the main class to use if we have multiple main classes.

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