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List of Rules Engine in Java

In this post, we’ll learn about some of the most popular rule engines for Java. Get an overview of the rule engine benefits and popular java libraries.

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Introduction to Spliterator in Java

A quick introduction to the Java spliterator. Learn what are the different features of Java spliterator and how to create a custom spliterator.

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Java String replaceAll

A quick guide to the Java String replaceAll method. Learn how to use the replaceAll method work with String manipulation for your Java application.

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Iterable to Stream in Java

A quick post to convert Java Iterable into a Stream.Learn how to convert Iterable in to Java 8 stream using the method.

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The Double Colon Operator in Java 8

Updated on June 25th, 2019In this article of Java 8, we will look at the double colon operator introduced in Java 8.   Introduction Java 8 introduced method reference or double colon operator. The main intention of this new operator is to make the code more readable and to reduce some code. Method reference is […]

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