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Iterable to Stream in Java

A quick post to convert Java Iterable into a Stream.Learn how to convert Iterable in to Java 8 stream using the method.

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The Double Colon Operator in Java 8

In this article of Java 8, we will look at the double colon operator introduced in Java 8.   Introduction Java 8 introduced method reference or double colon operator. The main intention of this new operator is to make the code more readable and to reduce some code. Method reference is called a double colon […]

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The Difference Between map() and flatMap()

A quick guide to the difference between map and flatMap in Java. Learn what are the differences between map and flatMap and when to use map vs flatMap.

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Introduction to Java URL Encoding/Decoding

A quick guide for URL encoding and decoding in Java.Learn how to encode and decode the URL and query strings using the JDK.

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Guide to Java 8 Collectors

A quick guide to the Java 8 Collectors, showing examples of built-in collectors, and showing how to build custom collector.

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