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Iterable to Stream in Java

A quick post to convert Java Iterable into a Stream.Learn how to convert Iterable in to Java 8 stream using the method.

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Spring Boot Session Listener

A quick guide to the Spring Boot HttpSessionListner. Learn when an how to customize httpsession listern in your Spring Boot application.

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The Difference Between map() and flatMap()

A quick guide to the difference between map and flatMap in Java. Learn what are the differences between map and flatMap and when to use map vs flatMap.

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Spring Boot with Hibernate

Step-by-step guide to integrate spring boot with hibernate. Learn how to use Spring Boot auto configuration to quickly setup hibernate for your application.

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Spring Boot With Caffeine Cache

A quick guide to integrate Spring Boot with Caffeine Cache. Learn how to use Caffeine cache with your spring boot application near optimal caching.

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