Write and Earn

We invite you to Write for Development Journal.We’re always looking for good writers at Java Development Journal.If you have previous experience in technical writings than it is PLUS, but not a requirement.


If you believe you can write quality and practical articles.


1. About the Site

Java Development Journal is a technical site with a focus on Java and Spring ecosystem. We publish tutorials, guides with a strong focus on the practical and real-life use case. We are mainly writing on below topics

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring, Spring MVC, and Security
  • Other Spring Modules
  • REST
  • Shopizer

My intentions and efforts to have some meaningful serious discussions with you.


2. How It Works

There are two ways you can publish articles.

  • A guest post with full author profile and credit ( I will not pay for this)
  • Paid articles (No Author profile)


2.1 Guest Post

If you want to push guest post, send email to [email protected] yourself with your experience and topics you want to write about.We will below steps

  • We will discuss topics and it’s structure.
  • We will review final topic together and will make any required changes.
  • Publish articles with your details.


2.2 Paid Articles

We’re always looking for good writers and happy to pay for your work. Paid articles will go through a different process.

  • We will discuss the topics for your paid engagement.
  • Based on the articles, we will finalize effort estimate and final amount and timelines.
  • I will create contributor profile for you on this site.You will write your write your articles.
  • Once the article is submitted, I will review it.
  • Articles modification based on the review provided by me.
  • We will run your article through Copyscape to check if the content is original.


2.3 Budget

Here are the typical budget used for your paid articles.

  • 500+ words – $25
  • 750+ words – $35
  • 1200+ words – $50


While writing paid articles, we want you to pay close attention to following points

  • Articles should be a balance between code and discussion (It should not be filled with code to cover articles length)
  • You should submit complete and running source code with your article.
  • Your article needs to be practical and focused on a code.


3. Payment

Once the article is approved, we will release your payment. We handle payment via PayPal or Upwork.com.


3. Content Copyright

Once a tutorial is accepted and published on this blog, I hold the complete copyright of the content and the same content cannot be re-used by the author for any further online or offline publishing.


Write for JavaDevJournal.Become an author on Javadevjournal.com, and get paid for writing practical, to-the-point articles in the Java and Spring ecosystem.Send your proposal today at [email protected]