We invite you to Write for Development Journal.We’re always looking for good writers at Java Development Journal.If you have previous experience in technical writings than it is PLUS, but not a requirement.

If you believe you can write quality and practical articles.


1. About the Site

Java Development Journal is a technical site with a focus on Java and Spring ecosystem. We publish tutorials, guides with a strong focus on the practical and real-life use case. We are mainly writing on below topics

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring, Spring MVC, and Security
  • Other Spring Modules
  • REST
  • Shopizer

My intentions and efforts to have some meaningful serious discussions with you.


2. How It Works

There are two ways you can publish articles.

  • A guest post with full author profile and credit ( I will not pay for this)
  • Paid articles (No Author profile)


2.1 Guest Post

If you want to push guest post, send email to [email protected] yourself with your experience and topics you want to write about.We will below steps

  • We will discuss topics and it’s structure.
  • We will review final topic together and will make any required changes.
  • Publish articles with your details.


2.2 Paid Articles

We’re always looking for good writers and happy to pay for your work. Paid articles will go through a different process.

  • We will discuss the topics for your paid engagement.
  • Based on the articles, we will finalize effort estimate and final amount and timelines.
  • I will create contributor profile for you on this site.You will write your write your articles.
  • Once the article is submitted, I will review it.
  • Articles modification based on the review provided by me.
  • We will run your article through Copyscape to check if the content is original.


2.3 Budget

Here are the typical budget used for your paid articles.

  • 500+ words – $25
  • 750+ words – $35
  • 1200+ words – $50


While writing paid articles, we want you to pay close attention to following points

  • Articles should be a balance between code and discussion (It should not be filled with code to cover articles length)
  • You should submit complete and running source code with your article.
  • Your article needs to be practical and focused on a code.


3. Payment

Once the article is approved, we will release your payment. We handle payment via PayPal or Upwork.com.


3. Content Copyright

Once a tutorial is accepted and published on this blog, I hold the complete copyright of the content and the same content cannot be re-used by the author for any further online or offline publishing.


Write for JavaDevJournal.Become an author on Javadevjournal.com, and get paid for writing practical, to-the-point articles in the Java and Spring ecosystem.Send your proposal today at [email protected]