Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 7

Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 7

Hello and welcome to the  Java Weekly Newsletter Issue 7.


1.  Blog Posts

In case you have missed any of my posts, here is the list of articles we published this week.

  1. Spring WebApplicationInitializer
  2. How to Kill Java Thread
  3. Spring Interview Questions


2. Spring & Java Community

  1. Collections.checkedCollection()
  2. 10 Talks That You Don’t Want to Miss
  3. How to become a Java Champion | Interesting Insight by Vlad Mihalcea’s
  4. What are microservices | Get an understanding of microservices
  5. How to Ensure Your Code Works With Older JDKs
  6. Using JDK 10’s Local Variable Type Inference with jOOQ
  7. How Java 9 will change your life
  8. Oracle Joins Eclipse MicroProfile Project
  9. Go Reactive With RxJava
  10. What’s New in Spring Security 5.0
  11. Introduction to the JSON Binding API (JSR 367) in Java


3. JPA / Persistence

I do not work very closely in JPA or Hibernate but following few of the blogs for some of the interesting insight into Persistence 

  1. 10 Cool SQL Optimisations

4. Spring and Java Releases

  1. Spring Integration 5.0 GA Available
  2. Spring Boot 2.0.0 M7 available now
  3. Spring Security 5.0.0.RELEASE Released
  4. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3: Smarter Coding Assistance

5. Presentations and Videos

  1. Machine Learning | Tensorflow and deep learning
  2. Spring Tips: Spring Cloud Gateway


We will be back with our next weekly newsletter with some more insight details about Java and Spring community.

Happy Coding !!!!


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