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Introduction to the Java ArrayList

A quick and definite guide to the Java ArrayList. Learn about the different features and best practices of using the ArrayList in Java.

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How to Make a Deep Copy of an Object in Java

Learn how to make a deep copy of an object in Java.Learn different ways to create a deep copy of an object in Java, and why to prefer a deep copy over a shallow copy.

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Difference Between Dates in Java

Learn how to calculate the difference between dates in Java, before Java 8 and with Java 8.explored the possibility to use Joda-Time API for the calculations.

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Best Java Books

An introduction to the best Java books.Get a list of the best book available for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

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HTTP Client in Java 9

Guide to the HTTP Client in Java 9.Explore the new Java 9 HttpClient module which provides a lot of flexibility and powerful features.

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